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There is no one specific way to join a Fraternity; however, individuals are strongly advised to attend recruitment events at the beginning of each semester.  Candidates are encouraged to meet multiple chapters and individuals in our community during this period of IFC structured recruitment. IFC stands for the Inter-Fraternity Council and is the Governing Body of all NIC-affiliated Chapters on Campus. Following this period of structured recruitment, chapters begin extending bids (offering individuals a formal chance to accept an offer to join their organization). However, many chapters will continue over the next few weeks to host individual chapter recruitment events in order to meet more candidates. Candidates are encouraged to attend these individual chapter events to find a chapter within which they find the same values as they hold and fraternity men they share a bond with.

For more information, contact Ryan Matthews, Recruitment Chair at


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For more information, contact Ryan Matthews, Recruitment Chair at


During your New Member Education Period you will be expected to meet the following requirements:

Complete eight service hours during the new member education period 

Become an active member of one other student organization on campus

Meet the Fraternity's GPA requirement and uphold the Scholarship Plan

Fulfill all financial obligations and fees prior to initiation

Phi Gamma Delta has embarked on a comprehensive plan to prevent and eliminate hazing. 

Hazing is contrary to our mission and values, and it has no place in Phi Gamma Delta.

For more information, read the New Member's Bill of Rights